Karin Barrera

Visual Artist of Chile

The protection of nature its care and the love of the earth are the pillars under which Karin Barrera’s work emerges. Of an emotive and spiritual connection, her work invites one to reflect on re-usage as a sustainable axis of the world. This premise is applied to the themes she explores in her paintings, as well as the way in which her work is made up, by means of the use of recycled medical X-rays as a support to show her human figures, the feminine world, birds, trees, and above all, nature.

Intense and striking colors emerge from her palette; nature greens, red tones as a symbol of her inner world, yellows, violets, and ochre tones. Every tonality is used to a greater or lesser degree according to the period her creative imagination is going through, always giving importance to the light opening up in forests, mountains and skies, a visual rainbow giving energetic life and choreography in each of her works.

She studied art in Santiago and Barcelona, where she specialized in human figure drawing and modeling at the Scuola Davinci art school. Since 2000 she has been working around painting, watercolor, botanical illustration, collage and sculpture. She complemented her education through art workshops at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and human figure drawing, art history, painting, sculpture and botanical illustration courses. She has been part of numerous collective and solo exhibitions, touring Chile from north to south as well as abroad, among which the ones held at the 2nd and 3rd Buenos Aires contemporary art biennial (Centro Cultural Borges), the Thullier gallery (Paris), The Luis Nishisawa cultural center (Mexico), the World Art Games (Zagreb, Croatia) And just arriving to exhibit in Plastic Art Seoul 2017, represented by HYO GALLERY, as well as exhibitions in Spain, Peru and Costa Rica stand out.